ABCs Of Natural Anxiety Cures

Natural Anxiety cure Holistic medicine has become the order of the day in the treatment of many ailments and has been proven to be highly effective as natural anxiety cures. Almost everyone has anxious moments, but sometimes, anxious moments can become too many, get out of hand to produce anxiety attack symptoms of tightness in chest, biting of nails, extreme nervousness, heavy pounding of heart and many more discomforting symptoms. This is not normal and needs to be addressed.

Generally, holistic approach of treatment is not the shotgun kind of treatment approach, instead, it is the type that takes care of the problem from the roots steadily until it gets rid of it completely.

Natural anxiety cures are rooted in the holistic medicine which has various ways of treatments. Key methods of natural anxiety cures that work are:

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  • Diet – diet, both food, drink and other substances, has become an important aspect of panic attack and general anxiety. There are foods and substances that must be avoided because they are known to cause an aggravation of the problem. In the same manner, there are foods to include in your diet to kick-start the healing process . The foods or food substances are labeled as bad because they act as triggers. Some food substances like caffeine for example are a complete NO, NO for people with a history of anxiety disorder as it can cause increased rate of adrenalin rush and increased palpitations. So if there should be an episode of panic or anxiety attack, there will surely be aggravation of symptoms.

Drinks like alcoholic drinks have been discovered to also falls in this forbidden substance category as well as tobacco.

On the other hand there are food substances that you should include in your diet because they increase your body’s resistance. Here is a list that can help:

Water – drink lots of this. it is advised that you drink at least 2 liters of a day.

Raw vegetables –  A habit of eating fresh veggies is known to help lower the body’s acidity and improve alkalinity which helps improve with overall health and natural anxiety cures.


natural anxiety cures


  • Out with the negative and in with the positive – it s critical to have the right mindset, this has become a great tool in all natural anxiety cures. There must be a re-orientation in terms of how this problem is perceived. You see everything is about perception. If you decide to see an anxiety as beatable then beating an anxiety will be possible, If not it will only remain as a taunting problem.


  • In the same mind you have to be able to deal with thoughts. Like I mentioned before, at the root of anxiety disorder, panic attacks is fear. Fear is a product of so many negative thoughts that hound you. Therefore, an attitude change to these types of thoughts is naturally one of the most effective natural anxiety cures.


  • Self-talk-back – it is always a good idea to engage in self talk-back during an episode.  If not the situation will get to you more. Therefore, it is good to practice the self talk back where you reassure yourself of your bravery and the fact that you are in control. Little by little, with time you will master this and with each attack that occurs you get better at controlling it until you become the master over such attacks. In the end you will be making progress in ending this debilitating problem.


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