Panic Attack Relief – The Ultimate Guide

panic attack reliefFor most people, the first attack was the most unpleasant experience of their lives which they never wish to have again and to imagine that at the time, they knew nothing about any panic attack relief techniques just usually sends shudders down the spine. The symptoms are most scary. Moreover symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, tingling sensations, sudden breakout of sweat even in the coldest weather, make the whole panic attack charade look more like a serious medical issue. But, I have good news, panic attack is not a life threatening problem. I’m guessing by now, that most people that have had at least an attack in the past are aware of this,  though the symptoms may resemble what people that have had a heart attack usually say they felt at the time they were having one.

The ironical thing however is that these initial symptoms are the main reason people experience a full blown panic attack in the first place, because these symptoms throw people off balance, paint a picture of doomsday in the mind, intensify the already present fear and bam, a full blown attack. Panic attack relief methods discussed here are oriented towards how to stop a panic attack when challenged with one, manage the symptoms while also dealing with the root cause.

Panic Attack Relief

Causes Of Panic Attack

At the root of panic attacks is fear. Fear is an illusion that presents itself in various forms. However most fears that cause panic attacks are fears based on a particular feeling – a feeling of not being in control and the feeling of losing control. You generally feel that you can’t handle the situation, that it is bigger than you. This fear starts to produce sensations which in turn produce symptoms that eventually affect your mind and make you fall into yet another panic attack. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Stress is also known to be a major cause of anxiety attack. stress makes the nerves weak and thinking is clogged and clouded so much that it can lead to confusion and eventual loss of control over the situation.  An anxiety attack therefore can stem from something like confusion.

The one big panic attack relief centers on how to gain control of the situation, how to make yourself feel you are the boss, that you are in charge and that you are equal to the task you are faced with. The fear felt by people are not real. They are based on thoughts – negative thought patterns give negative body sensations and negative symptoms.

The Ultimate Panic Attack Relief  – Empowerment

Empowerment is all about putting yourself in a vantage position for a long term panic attack relief without medication or drugs. When a person empowers himself or herself,  he/she feels less vulnerable and much more in control. For starters, a person needs to the source of your fear, that is the triggers. I am talking about spotting those negative thoughts that make people feel they are on the losing edge. Negative thought patterns do one thing for everyone – they create negative sensations and in panic attack situations they engineer negative symptoms that culminate in an attack


How do you empower yourself ?–  in general people tend to improve their skills in areas or things they thing they lack strength in. So empowerment involves investing yourself in the area where you think you have weaknesses. Anything you do to build your capacity and ability will always help you build confidence. Confidence translates to power and a sense of being in charge. Therefore, you should get training in aspects of low strength and low confidence to empower yourself  for an all natural panic attack relief.

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In addition to using the empowerment panic attack relief technique, you must master what to do for a panic attack, whenever there is an episode.  The following are things you can do as panic attack relief techniques when you need to manage an attack and stop it from aggravating. Here are:


More Panic Attack Relief Methods

  •  Ignore the symptoms – Just carry on like you did not notice the symptoms. The symptoms are simply begging for attention and when you give it to them, then the spiral out control, aggravating the situation. For example if you notice that you tend to develop those panic attack feelings at particular place or during a particular event, don’t run out of the place or event. Just take control and keep calm, ignoring the symptoms.


  • Proper and adequate ventilation – a first time panic attack sufferer usually doesn’t know what to do to help the situation. In fact, he or she mostly ends up doing the exact opposite of what is required for panic attack relief. One of such aspects is in the area breath control. Most of the time, when a person loses his/her nerve, he/she tends to breathe quickly because the body wrongly assumes that it needs to exercise. This will then make you breathe hard as if you are running and when you breathe this way, you are hyperventilating by taking short quick breaths. This is like fuel to fire. Instead, you should calm down to take slow but deep breaths, taking things at your own pace and not giving in to pressure. And the best thing you can do is to hold your breath and do deep breathing in order to switch off hyperventilation.


  • Cognitive Exercises – Most people don’t know that engaging in cognitive exercises can be very beneficial in stopping a panic attack. For example, if you are not exercising regularly, you probably have poor nutrition that leads to hormonal imbalance. And you probably have unused muscles, which can contribute in making your muscles unrelaxed and cause more tension and anxiety. So if you are able to exercise regularly, it will greatly be of benefit to you. It will help increase endorphins that help relax, decrease cortisol levels and improve your overall health.


  • Taking baths when there is an episode is known to work wonders for an already tense body and it also works as a way of distracting.

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